Top 5 Reasons to Pick a Home Builder with a Comprehensive New Home Warranty

A New Home Needs a New Home Warranty

Many home builders and home buyers ignore the importance of a 360-degree, comprehensive home warranty when selling and building a new construction home. After all, it’s brand spanking new right? No one has ever lived there and you’re the first owners, after all.

So why is it so important to make sure your builder sells their homes with a top-to-bottom, multi-year warranty? Just read on…

  • It’s hard to test-drive a home - A builder’s goal is to work fast and do high-quality work. That said, it’s really hard to get a day in, day out sense of whether any and all bugs and glitches have been addressed. As an experienced builder with hundreds of builds under my belt, I can tell you that, no matter how much you try, it’s hard to replicate actually “living” in a new home.

  • So, so many moving parts - A new home has tens of thousands of pieces and parts. It’s simply a truism that the more parts something has, the more chances of something to break or not perform as designed or installed. From roofs to floors, basements to baths, nuts and bolts to nails and screws, even brand-new homes fall victim to entropy; the tendency for things to break or become disordered.

  • Things break, even new ones - I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen things come out of the wrapper working just fine and then, 2 months later, they’re not. Hot water heaters, sump pumps, attic fans, and major appliances can all work one day, not work the next. We install them new, but many times they ship from the factory with built-in flaws and problems.

  • Good builders always offer big warranties - After four decades of building homes, my number one desire is to have happy, contented customers. After all, your home is your life. As such, we’ve found the best way to make people happy year after year is make sure they don’t have any problems with their home on day one or on day three thousand. Bad builders want to get the home built, sold and on to the next one as soon as possible. Good builders want you to build your first home with us and your next one too.

  • Peace of mind is valuable - Let’s face it, no one likes surprises like a chimney that starts leaking after a very bad thunderstorm or cracked masonry during an especially cold Winter. Often, homeowners worry a lot, waiting for a “show to drop” and something big to go wrong. Relax in your new home knowing your builder’s warranty has your back.

At Trick Construction, we offer an industry and area-leading 10-year warranty backed by Liberty Mutual. Ask the builders you’re interviewing to build your masterpiece if they also ensure it too. Then, dig into the details. If it doesn’t match up to all the things we cover below, you need a new builder.

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What Our New Construction Warranty Covers

what our new construction warranty covers